sweaters, laundry, and my inability to keep my mouth shut

I make such a to-do out of these blog posts. I start out with one idea and then end up writing FOREVER about it, or more often, about something completely different. It’s a blog: posts don’t have to be novels. So I’m going to have some practice writing short stuff now. Secretly, it’s just because I can’t think what to write about.

I love the sweater I have on today, mostly because it’s made of cotton and weighs about 5 tons, so although it may not be as warm as wool, it sure FEELS like it must be warm. Plus it has a zipper instead of buttons. It also has a faint hint of pink in places a gray sweater probably shouldn’t be pink, as though it may have gone through the wash with something it shouldn’t (thankfully, my office is very much on the casual side of business casual, so I don’t feel like a complete and total goober for wearing something like this.)

It’s true that I almost never sort my laundry by color, but I feel compelled to point out that I didn’t get pink on the sweater myself; I bought it that way at Goodwill and just failed to notice the pink—possibly a worse oversight, one could argue.

I LOVE shopping at Goodwill, but my mom keeps telling me that I have to stop telling people that’s where I get my clothes. Possibly, it’s not that fact that I tell people this so much as the way in which I tell them that she takes issue with. People don’t usually ask where I bought my clothes or how much I paid for them. I freely volunteer the information in conversations that go something like this:

Friend: “I like your (insert article of clothing).”

Me: “Thanks! I got it at Goodwill for like two bucks!”

Friend: “Oh. Okay then.”

I can’t seem to break the habit. My mouth is already on auto-response by the time my brain has time to filter what I’m saying.

I wish my co-workers wouldn’t complement my clothing though. It makes me cringe every time they do because it means they’ve definitely noticed what I’m wearing, meaning they will definitely notice if I wear the same thing again tomorrow.

… so much for a short blog post! Geesh. Next time, I guess.


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