the non-productivity spiral

I have to pack. I have to pack. I have to pack.

I’m driving to mom and dad’s house after work tomorrow night for Thanksgiving. It’s going to take me about 4 hours what with rush hour traffic AND day-before-Thanksgiving traffic. So I’m clearly not interested in stopping home before I leave.

But I can’t seem to get motivated to pack.

I’m quickly slipping down the spiral of non-productivity. I thought I would have some more freelance stuff to do tonight, but they haven’t sent it. I thought I would bake something to bring to the office, but I don’t have ingredients for anything and don’t want to go shopping right before I leave town. The only thing left on my list right now is pack.

Thus, I have obviously not started packing because there’s no urgency: the downward spiral of non-productivity.

Maybe I can tempt myself by listening to an audiobook while I do my packing. I do like my audiobooks.

Lookit how short that blog post was! Success. I can write short stuff … sometimes.


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