I have this problem with weekends at my parents’ house. (Okay, technically, it’s Thanksgiving, not the weekend, but not having to get up early or go anywhere makes it pretty much the same thing.)

The problem is that we had horses here up until a few months ago, and while I did not always ride the horses—usually because there was snow on the ground, but sometimes just because I was lazy—the horses ALWAYS needed to be fed. And while my saintly parents were willing to take care of them when I was at school, they were MY horses, so I fed them when I was back.

I got used to the routine. Every day that I was home, roll out of bed, put some jeans on, put a real bra on, put some additional clothes on if it’s cold, hike down to the barn to see my boys do the morning chores. THEN come back up to the house, eat breakfast, start my day, etc.

But now I’m completely wide awake (my inability to sleep in is topped only by my dad’s; he was up at 4am this morning, I kid you not), with no reason to get up. I can’t just get up and start doing normal things like baking the blueberry pie I promised Mom I would finish in time for Thanksgiving dinner today, because I need some sort of morning routine first.

Eating breakfast would work perfectly, but I’m not hungry. Of course, this is my own fault, as I’m a closet night eater: I wait until everyone else has gone to sleep (not difficult here, as everyone goes to bed around 9:30) and then sneak some sort of snack up to my room to eat in bed.

Judge away, I know I deserve it.

This process always sort of worked for me before, because I would have an hour down at the barn to work up an appetite. Then I would eat breakfast, and then I would feel like my day was ready to start. Instead, I’m lying in bed blogging, which isn’t likely burn me any calories.

I clearly need a new morning routine while I’m here. Or I need to stop this sneaky night eating thing.

On another note, IT’S THANKSGIVING! Here are ten things (big and little) that I’m thankful for, out of too many to count:

  1. I’m thankful for my grown-up job. I may not always want to be there, but I would so rather have it than not, and as far as jobs go, it’s pretty cool.
  2. I’m thankful for my parents; they are saints. They must be, to have raised me.
  3. I’m thankful for the fireplace in my apartment because it’s warm and cozy, and most important of all, because we can make s’mores ALL THE TIME.
  4. I’m thankful for cherry chapstick, or chapstick in general. If there is one thing besides air and water that I cannot make it through my day without, chapstick would probably come before food. My name is Anna Schmitt, and I am a chapstick addict.
  5. I’m thankful to Kass for putting up with me as a roommate; there’s a lot to put up with.
  6. I’m thankful for Crossfit (the sport and the people). It’s one of the few things that make a new city feel like home to me. And I’m thankful to Madeline for introducing me to it, even if I don’t get to WOD with her very often.
  7. I’m thankful to have had horses in my life. So much of me is made of what I learned from them.
  8.  I’m thankful for the existence of audiobooks. They are a lifesaver for people like me who read at a glacial pace.
  9. I’m thankful for my running shoes (which were a present from my sis). They feel like antigravity shoes. I could never run distance without them anymore.
  10. I’m thankful for kind people and beautiful things.

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