can winter be over now?

I had to bribe myself to get out of bed this morning.

After four days at my parents’ with their woodstove running and a distinct lack of alarm clocks, I was really hating on my freezing cold 6am today.

Just get out of bed, and you can get right in the shower. It’s WARM in the shower.

Apparently, not enough persuasion. I couldn’t even get up and throw my sweatshirt on like usual, because I was already wearing it. And socks.

Okay, when you get out of bed, grab the space heater out of the hallway. Then you can run it in the bathroom! It will be warm in the shower and warm when you get out!

Roomie and I may need to reconsider our money-saving strategy of not using the heat until real winter kicks in. I don’t have the brain power to argue myself out of bed every morning. I have to save my energy for arguing with myself about more important things.

On another note, I officially got my GRE scores back from ETS this weekend (yeah, I don’t know what ETS stands for either, but it sounds awfully official), and I’m about 99 percent sure they’re good enough that I won’t have to take it again! That means I won’t have to spend another $175 on a second test. It’s like I’ve just earned myself $175! Sort of.


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