entirely too much information

I can’t help it, I don’t filter very well.

Two of my favorite roommates from college are coming to visit me the weekend before Christmas! I’m extra excited about it.

Although, I refuse to make any sort of comparison between these girls and Kass (who I have known forever, who is a saint, and who is possibly my very favorite person in the world), there’s a sort of rock solid intimacy bred from the way we had five extraordinarily different people crammed into one smallish apartment during junior and senior year.

Sometimes we would all be crammed into one single room of the apartment. Most of the time, it was the bathroom.

I sent B a text the other day, which read simply, “I miss living in an apartment where it’s ok to pee with the door open <3.”

While I did not always enjoy the Russian roulette of mornings spent trying to get thirty seconds on the toilet and still get to class on time, I didn’t mind living in an atmosphere in which it was entirely acceptable to yell, “Wait, I have to poop!” whenever someone was about to get in the shower.

Mostly, we started off being sort of polite and euphemistic when negotiation for time in the bathroom, but those discussions quickly degraded into saying what you meant as quickly and as clearly as possible if you had any hope of getting what you wanted.

One night, at whatever ungodly hour constituted bedtime to college students, K and I were in there doing the whole face-washing, teeth-brushing, pre-bedtime routine, while B was having a pee and chatting away about her day. All of a sudden her monologue trailed off.

“Oh no. Uhhh, guys, I kind of have to go to the bathroom.”

Puzzlement. “You just did.”

“No, I have to GO to the bathroom.” (This was code for having to poop, if you were trying not to sound like an out-and-out heathen.) “Could you guys leave for a minute? Shut the door on your way out! Thanks!”

We did do normal things together too sometimes, aside from hanging out in the bathroom. Mostly they revolved around food.

I’m trying to decide what to do with them when they come to visit. I have a feeling it’s going to have to involve alcohol, so maybe I’d better put my research hat on and finally try to find out what’s what as far as bars in the city are concerned.


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