extreme slowness

I’m slow at everything.

I got the corrections back for my current freelance project last week, and it’s taken me HOURS to finish them. Just measly corrections, and they’ve taken me forever. On the bright side, I am getting paid for this. It’s amazing how you get paid for stuff in the real world! On the less-bright side, I work so slowly that I always charge for fewer hours than I actually work because I’d never get hired if I told the truth. If I really got paid for the hours I work, they’d owe me a fortune. As it is I’m probably working for like 2 bucks an hour.

Whatever. I finished it for now! I can blog again with (almost) no guilt. (I wouldn’t have any at all, if I’d finished, or started, my Christmas shopping at this point.)

Now, while I’ve always known I work slowly, I apparently also move really slowly. Lately, it’s beginning to dawn on me that I’m a slow runner. This is different from being a runner who is just not fast. I’m REALLY SLOW.

I had the most fabulous running buddy back in PA who, among the many fabulous things about her, ran at pretty much the same pace I did. My other running buddies were guys, so I kind of expected to run fast while they ran slow. It was a lot of work; I usually came up with excuses for cancelling on them.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to hear some of the runners (all women) at Crossfit down here confess that, “We don’t run. We shuffle.”

Success! They must be just my speed.

Or not.

I went for a little mile-and-a-half jaunt with one of these friends after our WOD the other night. And I died. Trying to chat and breathe and move my feet at that pace was so not working out for me.

Dang, if she’s a shuffler, what does that make me? A turtle?


3 thoughts on “extreme slowness

  1. How long have you been doing crossfit? The reason I ask is because doing this crosstraining actually improves your speed and they really help condition you properly to get your heart going. The more you continue to crosstrain, the more your heart will function better and allow you to run smoothly.
    And I’m sure you’re not a turtle. You will never be a slow runner. Or a runner who runs too slow. I have a friend who can go for much longer and faster than I can but she never drops the amount of sweat I drop because I am challenging my body much more than she is.
    Never underestimate yourself.

    • Well, thanks so much. I keep plugging away at this running thing, even if it doesn’t feel like I’m getting any faster. I’m new to crossfit though, so maybe that will make a real difference!

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