the happy list

It’s short and sweet today because I’m still in a ridiculously grumpy mood, stemming from my inability to manage my life yesterday (with maybe a few circumstances outside my control as well) and from the fact that I have to get up at 5 for crossfit tomorrow morning if I’m going to go at all. I think I am now, but we’ll see if the whole getting out of bed thing actually happens. I give it a 50/50 chance.

Because I’m still feeling sorry for myself: the first ten things I can think of that make me happy…

1. Watching horses eat hay in the winter. I can watch this for hours, but it’s best if there’s snow on the ground.

2. Calloused hands. It means you use them.

3. Friends who give good hugs. The whole point of a hug is to squeeze the other person as tight as you possibly can. If you’re hugging someone you don’t really want to squeeze, why don’t you just shake their hand or something awkward like that?

4. Cute boys. I know I’m notoriously single and have pretty much given up on the whole dating thing, but I ohmygoodness do I love ogling really cute guys.

5. The sound of horseshoes on pavement. Someone please make a recording of this and send it to me; I would go to sleep listening to it every night.

6. Birthdays. I try to make a big deal out of everyone’s birthday, because I secretly think my birthday is a super big deal.

7. The Harry Potter books. If I had to guess, I would say I’ve probably read/listened to EACH of the books at least 20 times. So that totals something over 140 altogether. I read other stuff too. I promise.

8. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: chapstick. I love chapstick. They make green apple flavor now too!

9. The smell of dust and sweat and hay, all mixed together.

10. Going barefoot in places people don’t expect you to be barefoot. It’s fun to watch their eyes slide from your face immediately down to your feet.


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