I swear, I didn’t do it

“I saw you on the internet looking at pictures of barbells even though lunchtime was OVER*.” One of my co-workers was poking fun at me earlier for eating at my desk today.

My first line of defense: “I wasn’t looking at barbells. I was reading a blog; it just has a picture of a barbell on it.”

Great work, Anna. Because reading blogs is totally more related to your job than looking at pictures of barbells. Excellent line of defense.

Another laps in communication between brain and mouth. I swear, I’ve got to get them to counseling or something. Was I afraid he was judging me for looking at pictures of barbells on the internet? That doesn’t seem like me, not when I spent the morning telling anyone who would listen (in an inappropriately loud, non-inside voice) that I can now deadlift 215 lbs.

Subject change! (They sneak up on you so I thought I’d give a warning.)

I wrote a real post last night but was too lazy to put it up, and now I can’t find it anywhere. Hopefully it didn’t get sucked into the gaping black hole that is my malfunctioning computer (my year-and-a-half-old malfunctioning computer—doesn’t matter how long I have ’em for, computers can sense my inability to cope with anything technical and respond by self-destructing).

I may have just misplaced it though. This happens to my documents with alarming frequency (see above comments on inability to use technology), and I am in constant dread of the day when I misplace some sort of top secret government security documents at work. They should really know better than to let me handle that stuff, but I’m not going to be the one to burst their bubble.

I’m going to go eat a cupcake now.

*In my defense, it was like 1:05 or something, and besides, I got to work a half hour before everyone else did. So there.


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