I’d stay a lot warmer if I could think things through

Things that I hate about getting up an hour and a half earlier than usual: it’s colder, darker, did I mention colder, and all around more difficult to get motivated.

I have to go to Crossfit at 6:30 again this Tuesday if I’m going to go at all, and the fact that I did it last week is making me EVEN LESS motivated. Last Tuesday, I made it there in plenty of time, but then I made the mistake sitting down to stretch and spent the first 10 minutes just lying on the floor until our trainer came over to investigate and made me get up.

So clearly, there are certain things that I don’t do well first thing in the morning, and vigorous exercise is one of them. (In my defense, I have spent a fair amount of 4:30am’s in the barn or on a horse, but it was almost always in the SUMMER, when it was WARM out.) Now, this inability to exercise in the cold and dark wouldn’t be a huge deal, except that I’ve, again, fallen victim to my own poor life planning.

“You’re a runner, right? You want to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with me in April? It’s in DC, it wouldn’t be far.”

Wow, it’s funny that for such an indecisive person (I spent at least 10 minutes in the grocery store today waffling over an almond-butter buying decision), I will agree to sign up for difficult, expensive activities with minimal (i.e. NO) persuasion and no waffling.

“Of course! Does it fill up fast? Should I sign up tonight?”

Within hours of learning that this race existed, I had registered and paid the hefty, non-refundable entry fee. It took a little longer for the major drawback of this decision to creep its way into my head.

Although mid-April is a generally nice time of year for long runs, it occurs to me that mid-February is not. And I can wish until I’m purple in the face that I could run 13 miles with no preparation, but I’m pretty sure that my usual winter routine of only running on the weekends is not going to cut it.

The problem is that, by the time I get home from work and Crossfit, it’s quite late, and quite dark, and (aside from the fact that I SERIOUSLY don’t feel like running) I worry that the creepy night goons are starting to prowl. I live in the boonies; the running options here are not very well lit.

The only solution I can think of is this: I will go through the torturous routine of dragging myself out of bed at 5am a few days a week and run BEFORE work, because, although the cold and dark will seem even colder and darker in the morning, I like to think that at least most of the goons have tired of prowling and gone to bed by this time. So it’ll be safer. Right?

Apparently, I just have to make sure I don’t sit down to stretch when I get there. I’d rather not find out who’s going to come round and wake me up out on the trail.

Running. Why exactly do we do this again?


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