my office: the arctic war zone

Despite the balmy, almost-snow-free Maryland winter we’re having, I’m freezing. All the time. Now I don’t mean the shocking, biting, freezes-the-inside-of-your-nose-in-two-breaths kind of freezing. I’ve done that before, and this current kind is much worse. I’m just ALWAYS cold unless I’m in bed or the shower. It’s like my body doesn’t generate enough heat to maintain a comfortable temperature when the outside air is anything less than 75 degrees.  

At work today, somebody referred to the part of the building that I work in as the Annex. Of course, all of us who work in “the Annex” (which is actually a pretty accurate name for our space) immediately took offense for some reason and spent a wonderfully productive half hour NOT getting any work done because we were busy brainstorming superior names for our space.

My favorite: the freezer.

Seriously. I WOULD work in the part of the building where the heat a) doesn’t work effectively or b) doesn’t work at all. We’ve been having a raging battle (well as raging as an office battle can get) with the guys who control the building temp for several weeks, if not longer:

 We inform them that it is cold, and they come check the thermostat. The thermostat says 70, so there is, apparently, no problem. We all wear jackets and scarves to work the next day; they turn the thermostat up to 72. One of our number brings in a pool thermometer which says it is 66 degrees; the mechanical guys counter with some swanky looking thermal sensor that says it’s warmer than 66. We point out that even if it IS warmer (which it’s not, trust me) we’re all obviously still cold. They say they’ll talk to somebody about it. And on it goes.

Until I showed up at 7:30 one morning and it was (drumroll) 52 degrees. That’s practically arctic! Perhaps, I supposed, they had given up on us entirely and figured, if they had to listen to us whine anyway, they may as well save some money on the heat. That day was quite traumatic. I drank six cups of tea to try and stay warm. Do you have any idea how many bathroom trips six cups of tea can necessitate for a person with a pea-sized bladder? Too. freaking. many. All of my coworkers think I have some sort of medical condition now, I’m sure.

Anyway, the powers that be finally turned the heat up to 74 yesterday, which meant it was probably about 69. I was actually warm for once!

Then it broke again this morning. I just need to cave in and start wearing wool socks and long underwear under my office clothes. 


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