I wish I had a smart phone, or that my camera worked so I could add pictures on here, but my camera’s been on the fritz since I flooded my purse a couple months ago. Today, I would have taken a picture of the bag I bring to work every day. It looks like it should have papers and notebooks and possibly a laptop in it, but really it’s just full of food. So. much. food.

Story of my life. Seriously, I brought a ridiculous amount of food to the office today because, yesterday, I didn’t bring enough and then had to go to crossfit hungry (not a plan I recommend, by the way, as you will get about 2/3 of the way through the WOD and then pretty much DIE). I brought extra on purpose so I could leave some there as a backup for the next time my empty stomach attacks me at 4pm. But then I ate ALL OF IT.

You don’t understand the gravity of the situation yet. This is the amount of food I ate at work today (bear in mind that I had already eaten two breakfasts before work and then ate dinner and probably dessert when I got home): half a cucumber and half a carrot dipped in balsamic vinegar, about half a chicken breast worth of rotisserie chicken also dipped in balsamic, two oranges, a meal’s worth of Chinese food leftovers, and THREE boiled eggs. That’s like more than a whole breakfast’s worth of eggs, and I ate them as a snack.

One of my work friends brought a sandwich and an apple. That’s it. That’s what a normal person brings to work for the day. Damn. I’m going to weigh about 900 pounds when my metabolism slows down, but I can’t help it; I’m ALWAYS hungry.

At least I’m back on the healthy eating wagon after the debauchery of last week. My trouble last week was that I just can’t resist free food. It doesn’t even matter if I actually WANT the food. I eat it because it’s free. I know, it’s a problem. And it’s weird.

Know what else is weird? Eating almond butter out of the jar like it’s ice cream. But it’s super delicious, so who cares?


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