money and food related problems

For some reason, I am perpetually shocked when I receive my credit card bill(s) in the mail every month. How exactly did they reach that ridiculous amount? Of course, upon perusal of the bill, I can usually satisfactorily answer that question, which means I don’t get to blame this particular incident on the gremlins. Too bad.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a spendthirfty person (except in the irresistible atmosphere of a bulk food store—a weakness I evidently inherited from my mother), but I don’t make a heck of a lot of money, and I live in kind of an expensive area, so rent is pretty hefty. And I do crossfit. Enough said on that count. At least I don’t ride horses any more, now that I’m pretending to be an adult and all. With bills.  

AND, at the moment, I’m between freelance jobs. Meaning I don’t have any. Meaning I spend all the time I would usually be working on them, just LOOKING for them. You can probably guess that this process doesn’t pay nearly as well. I must be getting desperate, because I just applied for one that requires something along the lines of 25 articles per week. Granted, I can bang out a 300-word article pretty quickly, but, seriously, 25 of them? That’s okay. You have to apply to about 20 jobs to hear back from one, so really I’m just filling my application quota. Because that makes total sense.

At any rate, I’ve devised a plan on how to spend less money. I am writing down in my little calendar/day planner thing how much money I spend every day. On everything. I’m not entirely clear on WHY I think this is going to help, but I’m sure it will. So far I have spent money four of the past five days (bad sign), but it has mostly all been on food (good sign), and that has mostly been grocery store-type food, not the eating out type (even better sign).

Instead of worrying about the amount of money I’ve spent in the past week though, I am now slightly more worried about the alarming frequency with which I make trips to the grocery store, or the farm stand, or (the entirely irresistible) Costco. I clearly have a problem; I’m just not sure if it’s a money problem or a food problem. Probably it’s both.

Sorry, this was a really boring post. I was only writing to keep myself entertained while I iced my shoulder. But I’m getting cold now, so I think I’ll be done with that and go to bed. 


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