real world science experiments are the best

I decided to have an experiment today to find out exactly how big a chunk of glass you can suck up with the vacuum cleaner. I was just feeling sciency that way. Only the experiment required quite a bit of setup. You see, I’ve never broken glass on carpet before, because, generally speaking, it’s a lot harder to do. But I managed it anyway. I’m just that industrious.

Okay, what actually happened is that the carpet in my room was getting all bunchy on one side and to even it out I had to move my night table off of it. But my night table’s got drawers and all kinds of crap in and on top of it, so I wasn’t looking to actually lift and carry it. I just sort of scooted it away from the wall and proceeded to push-me-pull-you it across the room. Without unplugging my lamp.

So yeah, moving the table while the lamp was attached to the wall pretty much guaranteed that I would have some glass shards to do my vacuum experiment on. In fact, I’m surprised only a light bulb broke considering that I had about six things made of glass or porcelain on the table. Roomie obviously heard me crashing around and yelled in to see if everything was okay. I told her the lamp “fell,” instead of confessing that I had moved the furniture out from under it. Of course, it occurs to me now that she’s going to read this and find out anyway. But I’m too lazy to rewrite it, and she’s stuck with me no matter how idiotic I am.

And the answer to my scientific question is that the vacuum cleaner is a clumsy person’s best friend. It can handle amazingly large shards of glass. Hopefully, I didn’t cause any permanent damage to its insides.

Actually, today was a sciency day altogether. I found out the answers to some of the world’s other most burning questions including “How sketchy can you let your spinach get before you cook it?” and “How much can you drag a futon cushion on the ground without grossing out the person who owns it?”

(By the way, the answer to that last question is, as much as you like if the owner is the person carrying the other end and dying as you both struggle to carry it up three flights of stairs.)

Subject change! Speaking of food (I was speaking of food a little while ago, if you look carefully), I have discovered that fresh salsa is an amazing addition to scrambled eggs. Now that I don’t eat cheese much anymore, I was noticing that eggs taste kind of boring when all you add is spinach. It’s much too difficult to chop any other vegetables up myself though. Fresh salsa, my friends, is the perfect solution.

Still speaking of food (which we actually are this time), roomie bought about six tons of bananas this week, and we’ve been struggling to use as many as possible in our baking. Tonight we’re down to the last two bananas! It feels like such an accomplishment, considering the ridiculous amount we started with. So I’m going to go eat another banana muffin, watch the sixth Harry Potter movie, and enjoy my Sunday night NOT doing anything useful.


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