occasionally, I forget how to cook edible food

OMG, I’m watching American Idol and there’s this guy with a terrible stutter who is like the BEST singer ever. That’s crazy. Who knew?

Mostly I don’t watch American Idol. Mostly I just watch Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. But I was eating dinner and it’s on. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be eating dinner at 9pm, but that’s just the way my day has gone. And I wasn’t TRYING to eat then. Actually I was trying really hard to not really have to cook anything at all.

I wanted to avoid cooking so badly that I almost just ate eggs, but then I remembered I ate eggs for breakfast this morning. Not that I really have a problem with lots of eggs, but I would feel like a total loser if I ate them twice in the same day. Plus, aren’t they supposed to be little cholesterol bombs or something? I decided to cook a sweet potato instead.

I should have made eggs.

Seriously, I know how to cook sweet potatoes, but I don’t know what I was thinking with this one. I pretty much tried to cook it every different way that it’s possible to cook a potato and then decided that each method was either not effective or was taking too long. I finally went for the fix all and decided to mash it. And those burned bits from the previous cooking attempts turned it into a really unusual color, let me tell you. Kind of like a grayish sandy sort of clay color.

No worries! I solved this problem by eating in the dark. Which sort of worked, except that I hadn’t taken the skins off so the texture was a little … odd. But it was tough to pick the skins out without being able to see them. It was also tough since I threw some leftover turkey bacon in there, and I sure didn’t want to pick that out. Actually in the end I pretty much sifted through the second half of the mashed potatoes (which I was eating out of the serving bowl, in my typical heathen fashion) to pick out and eat the bits of bacon without the potato. At least I got my bacon. All’s well that ends well, right?

Guess what? They just decided to keep the stuttering guy! I think he’s my favorite, if I ever watch this again.

There’s something else I meant to say, but I’m being super scattered and can’t remember what it was. Maybe I’ll just say a few things and hope one of them was it.

I don’t like sheep. Seriously, after this week, I really don’t like sheep.

I got whipped in the FACE by somebody else’s jump rope at CrossFit; actually, it felt like it was more like being whipped in the eyeballs. I couldn’t see ANYTHING for about 30 seconds (ahem, I should really get to take 30 seconds off my WOD time, don’t you think?), but I don’t have a single mark on me to back my story.

I think spring is here. I know it was frigid and windy today, not at all springtime weather. But it just FELT like spring. 


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