posting two days in a row has to be a record for me

I have two things written on the back of my hand right now: “shoe store” and “salsa.” I wrote them there yesterday, and now I can’t remember what they mean.

I usually write on my hands to remind myself of things I need to do or things I need to buy. Since I pretty much have the short-term memory of a goldfish, the backs of my hands are usually a faintly blue/grayish tinge caused by layers of pen. In fact, if I look really hard I can see an older list under this one that I believe says “bake,” “blog,” and “email C.” Hopefully, I did all that.

But this time, the list doesn’t make any sense. “Salsa” seems to imply that it’s a shopping list, but I just bought some salsa, and I’m certainly not about to go out and buy a shoe store (or even any shoes – though I HAVE been lusting after a pair of Nanos for quite a while now). No, I strongly suspect that this is a to-do list, but I can’t work out what I’m meant to do. Go to the shoe store? I doubt it. Even if I did succumb to my Nanos temptation, I would buy them online and wouldn’t need to put it on a chore list.

Besides, what in the world am I supposed to be DOING with the salsa? Making it? Eating it? I’m in a sad state, even for me, if I have to remind myself to eat with a note on the back of my hand.


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