the week in which I try really hard not to become a caffeine addict

I haven’t posted all week! How have I not posted all week?? Well, I did actually write one, but I wrote it because I needed to vent, and even though the only person that my post was venting about was ME, I thought everyone might get annoyed with all my word vomit. I mean, even I was getting annoyed, and I’m usually an avid audience for my own rantings.

Here’s what I’ve been doing instead of writing this week:

Working. Yeah, there’s been a lot of that. Deadlines are eating my life. Wow. I mean, I like to think I function well under pressure, but I’m pretty sure my erratic behavior is beginning to worry the people who are forced into my vicinity on a daily basis. Sleep deprivation is causing me to burst into prolonged hysterical laughter at remarks that are distinctly NOT funny. It’s very embarrassing.

Still being slightly obsessed with CrossFit. Considering the excess of work and shortage of sleep, you’d think I could make an effort to get home at a reasonable hour. Which I do. Make an effort, that is. I always MEAN to leave the box promptly at six, but somehow I haven’t managed to get myself out of there before six forty-five all week. After working a bunch of 11-hour days though, I think I really just needed the extra time to MOVE.

Winning at Monday-night trivia! Okay, I actually contributed very little, but the boys kicked ass. Lizzy and I were too busy watching The Bachelor and Biggest Loser, respectively, on different TVs at the bar to be much use. But we weren’t embarrassed about it, because we had already disgraced ourselves by showing up late and still in our gym clothes, and then stretching (this was mostly Lizzy) before we sat down, AND then repeatedly demonstrating the arm-movement portion of a snatch at the table (that was all me).  But I still got my one answer of the night; it was a question about cooking steak, because, obviously, the only thing I know anything about is eating.

Making increasingly “interesting” combinations of food for dinner. Remember when I decided I was going to start writing down all the things I spent money on? Well, it turns out the only thing that really gets out of hand is my grocery spending. So I refused to go grocery shopping properly last weekend (buying eggs and apples doesn’t count) because, somehow, that makes it seem like I’m spending less on food. I choose not to acknowledge the fact that I’m probably going to consume the same amount and same type of food no matter how often I actually go shopping. By Friday night, I was at such a loss that I ended up eating (drinking) a smoothie for dinner (laziness may have factored in here as well), which contained an odd assortment of frozen berries, spinach, almond milk, peanut butter, and protein powder. It was delicious. No, I’m actually being serious; it really was.

Being unreasonably ticked about my perfectly reasonable score in the open last week. Ughhh. I will not being doing the WOD twice again this week to try and get a better score. I had two people whose judgment I highly value warn me against this, and, as usual, I ploughed ahead with blatant disregard for practical advice and did what I wanted anyway. With the exact same result as the first time. Yes, exactly the same, down to the last rep—it was weirdly amazingly consistent, except that I was too grumpy to notice.

Here’s what I have NOT been doing with myself this week:

Putting laundry away. Thankfully, I did DO some laundry last weekend, so my clothing combinations have not been getting as bizarre as my dinners. However, it’s still sitting in a laundry basket in the middle of my room, and I’ve just been rummaging through it whenever I need something. Instead of getting piled neatly in the laundry basket where they belong, the dirty clothes are now in various heaps around my room (and possibly the bathroom) where I threw them and thought, I’ll pick them up once I put the clean laundry away.

Running. I kept having to get up at five to get to the office early this week, so I thought I would run at lunchtime instead of before work. But then work kept getting in the way of that too, and I only made it out once. I sure can pick those ideal running days though. Just kidding! I went on the coldest, yuckiest, windiest day of the week, let me tell you. I also got terribly lost and didn’t really run the whole time, because I kept having to take time-outs to stop at intersections and stand there looking confused for a while.

Freelance working. Yeah, about that extra writing I do so I can afford things like CrossFit, or almond flour, or another pair of athletic shoes. That didn’t happen. Or, to be more accurate, it happened for about two hours all week. So I had a reenactment of my time in college on Friday night, and, instead of doing cool stuff, or even just uncool stuff that I actually WANTED to do (like sleeping) I wrote about tax fraud, Halloween cocktails, and adult acne. I kid you not, those were the exact topics. The Halloween cocktails were kind of fun. I really want to try a ‘bayou slime.’

Actually though, I kind of love being this busy; at least my guilt complex leaves me alone. I just like to pretend I’m all overworked and such. Besides spring is almost here! I can smell it. And Roomie bought us corned beef and cabbage for St. Patty’s day dinner tomorrow. Life is good.


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