winter, you’ve overstayed your welcome and need to leave

The bad weather is my fault. Sorry everybody. For the last month, I’ve been saying how I think spring is almost here. Each day that I suggest this is followed by rain or snow or a combination of 30 degrees and wind. What the heck?

I’ve clearly gotten on the bad side of someone important with all my hopeful talk of spring, and the wintery weather is happening to spite me. It’s supposed to snow tonight. Mother Nature, this sucks and I need you to fix it. Please?

Mostly I’m getting nervous for my half marathon in April. I’ve already discussed my many strategies for getting in shape for this race. But they’re not working. I’m just not a winter runner. It’s not that I can’t run in the cold, or that I don’t have an option for running inside; it’s just that I hate it. I find running to be a nice block of time for thinking about stuff or for socializing, depending on whether or not I’ve persuaded (coerced) a buddy into coming with me.

But when it’s cold and windy, or if I’m trying to run inside, the only thoughts I really spend all that thinking time on are things like, “When is this run going to be over?” and, “I wish I was still in bed.”

Also, I’m beginning to worry that the weather won’t even have improved by the time my race rolls around. I’m obviously going to be running it no matter what, but what if it’s cold and sunny? Please don’t let the weather be cold and sunny. It will just solidify the weirdness of my tan lines if I have to wear a shirt with sleeves! Gah! The world would end. I just know it.

Actually, what I should be worrying about is the weather for the weekend before that, when I’m signed up for a Tough Mudder. But I haven’t quite wrapped my brain around what exactly that race is yet, so it’s somehow escaped my radar up to this point.

In other news, I finally caved in and bought a pair of Nanos. I’m so ridiculously excited to have them, and so ashamed of having paid that much for shoes I don’t REALLY need. This is pretty much the first time I have EVER (for once, I’m not exaggerating) bought shoes I don’t need. I even used to let my old riding boots fall apart at the seams before I would invest in new ones.

I was trying to explain this purchase to a non-crossfitter the other day (it was probably Roomie, but I don’t actually remember), and when it boiled down to it, this was the best reason I could come up with for needing the shoes: “I’m not entirely clear on what they do, but everyone else wears them, and they look really cool!”

I’m so ridiculous. And so psyched. I can’t wait until they get here.

New shoes. The obvious way to rid yourself of the winter blues.


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