can you even have a bad hair day if your hair is always crazy?

It’s pretty much a universal rule that you have to wake up with horrible hair on any day when you have to get your picture taken for a photo ID. Or is that just me? I tried to compensate by wearing makeup, but I still looked really goofy in the picture. What was I thinking? There’s just no way to counteract being extremely non-photogenic.

Also, I didn’t smile to keep my eyes from doing that weird, uneven squinty thing they only do in photos, but now I just look really grumpy and kind of emo (because my hair kept falling in my face) in the picture. Whatever. I can rock grumpy and emo. I’m just that good.
Anyhow, more super cool stuff happened in conjunction with the photo ID, but I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it on the internet. So, on to other things.

I didn’t feel good at all today. Probably I just need to sleep more, but I was worried I might be getting sick, so I drank a lot of tea and took a lot of Tylenol. Don’t ask me why I though tea would be a cure-all for general unwellness that had nothing to do with a sore throat. But the real cure turned out to be 45 hand-stand push ups.

My draggy self was sort of regretting having told L I’d do a double WOD night with her tonight. But somehow, being upside down and having your friends shouting at you, “Go Anna! I can see your six pack abs!” is fantastic medicine. Even if they’re only able to shout at you because you’re so dreadfully slow at hand-stand pushups that EVERYONE else finishes first.

I still won though, because I did all those handstand pushups without dislocating my shoulder, which is what usually happens. Win! 

Know what happens when you drink tea ALL day? You have to pee ALL night. Good thing it’s hard to be embarrassed in front of crossfitters . I think I peed twice before the first WOD even started. And then you bet I had to pee as soon as it was over. Thank goodness there weren’t any double unders. Those things are the worst:

Me: “Have you ever peed your pants a little doing double unders in a WOD?”

L: “Uh, no … but now I guess I won’t feel bad if I ever do.”

Hey, guess what? Coconut milk instead of real milk is great in tea! I’m a tea addict. I love any kind of tea that I can add milk to, but almond milk is gross in tea. I love almond milk, and I love tea, but when you put them both together it’s like mixing filet mignon and rainbow sprinkles. They’re both great on their own, but they just don’t go together. (Yes, I have eaten rainbow sprinkles on their own. Yes, I DO know they are mostly made of wax.)

But I ran out of regular milk today, and roomie didn’t have enough for me to steal any without being noticed (I know, I’m horrible for thinking of doing this), but I had about a cup of coconut milk in the fridge leftover from a can I’d used to bake with a while ago. Kind of a really long while ago. It had taken on the texture of sour cream, which seemed a little suspicious. But it didn’t smell bad, so I just stuck it in there, and voila! Delicious.


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