my accomplishment of the weekend: not drowning

It’s funny, the more things I have in my life to write about, the less time I actually have for writing. Summer just isn’t meant to be spent in front of the computer. It’s meant to be spent sweating, and getting a suntan, and training for a marathon, and trying not to drown while L teaches me how to swim.

Yup. That’s my current project: somehow, figure out how to swim well enough to do 0.62 miles without drowning. And I must do this with the next three weeks. I DO know how to swim, but at this moment, I have to admit that 0.62 may as well be 20. I feel like I will never make it.

I’m very easy to talk into things. And the more I love the person doing the persuading, the less persuasion is necessary. Ask me about the first time I signed up for a half marathon. The longest race I’d ever run at that point was a 5k. Okay, I’ll just tell you. I was running with my PA running buddy, and the conversation basically went like this.

M: Some friends and I are running a half in Philadelphia this fall, if you want to come.

Me: Okay!

M: Really? Great. Um, do you want to know when it is and what it’s called and stuff?

Me: Oh, right. Yeah. That would probably be good.

I should have realized that being best buddies with a triathlete would inevitably lead to the situation I now find myself in. Within one day of suggesting that I sign up for a sprint tri at the end of June, L began introducing me to all her triathlete friends as, “This is my friend Anna from CrossFit. She’s going to do the Celebating Heroes tri with us in June!”

The idea of this race has grown on me so much that I’m now absolutely determined that I must do it. But I haven’t signed up yet. Because I am an abysmal swimmer. L and I and a gang of our crossfit friends decided to have a trip to the lake for some open water swim practice yesterday. Mostly, we just wanted to hang out and get our tans on, but the trip quickly turned into a swim test for me.

Swimming is really hard, y’all.

At least it’s tough for someone who’s entirely uncoordinated and has a bum shoulder. Yesterday’s trip was supposed to make me confident enough to jump in and pay my $130 entry fee. All it really did was make me confident that I need more practice. I STILL haven’t signed up. Gah! What do I do, what do I do? Can I make it 0.62 miles without drowning? 


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