So. Coach is going to the CrossFit games this year. No big deal. 

I was already going to write about regionals before I knew that. About how inspiring it was to watch some truely ridiculous feats of athleticism. About how much fun it was to hang out with my crossfit buddies, sneakily drinking the sangria we weren’t supposed to have in the building and seeing how much free stuff we could collect from the vendors in a single day. But now, I’m not entirely sure what to write about. 

Gary and Alea have left me speechless. 

I wish I had been there for all three days. Unfortunately, I happened to have made pricey and non-refundable out-of-town plans for the weekend before I even knew regionals existed. So I had only one day to take it all in, and then spent the rest of the weekend completely out of the loop (no smart phone, remember), until fairly late on Sunday night.

I was in the middle of putting away groceries and folding laundry, trying to squeeze a week’s worth of chores into a couple of hours, when I remembered to turn on my computer and check the leader board. And I saw Gary’s name near the very top with a (2) next to it. And I started to cry. 

What the heck is wrong with me? I don’t ever cry about happy stuff. Actually, I mostly don’t cry much at all. When I changed the filter women’s scores, I started to cry even harder. Alea had a (4) next to her name. At least there was something marginally upsetting about this one; I couldn’t tell if I was crying because she had done so extraordinarily well or because she hadn’t quite done well enough.

They’re celebrities. Or they should be. I feel like I need to ask them for an autograph or something. But that would be weird, because they’re still just my friends.

I confessed to Alea last night that watching her compete made me wish I could go one day, which, is, of course, about as likely as, uh, something that’s really unlikely to happen (sorry folks, the simile suggestion portion of my brain is apparently off work tonight). But because she’s Alea, she assured me that I totally could.

I love my CrossFit family.


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