I’m tired, so this post is all over the place

I’m not one of those people who needs something to drink when I’m eating. You know, to sort of wash down the food or something. I can blow through an entire meal, distracted by how happy I am that I have food in my mouth, without even thinking about needing a drink. But if I DO reach for my glass and realize I don’t have any water in it, I’m suddenly parched, and I must go find something to drink immediately. Even if it means leaving my half eaten lunch on my desk to get cold and tromping all the way back downstairs to the kitchen. Which is what I just did. I bet you’re just SUPER interested in all that.

I’m on my lunch break at work, but I should really still be working because I have shit that’s due tomorrow that isn’t looking like it’s going to be finished by tomorrow. But it’s not my fault I started it late. I had other shit that was due two days ago. Having too much shit to do tends to make me swear a teensy bit.

Topic change! Have you even used the same small hand towel to wipe sweat FIRST off of your arm pits and THEN off of your face? No? Why ever not?

It occurred to me, about half way through drying my face, that I might want to rearrange the order of that process. But I was partway through my mad dash from lunchtime crossfitting back to work yesterday, and I couldn’t get too fussed about it.

I realize that I write about my (lack of) personal hygiene a lot on here, but everyone in my life seems to find it extremely hilarious, so I feel like I should spread the joy. Maybe I just make everyone else feel better about the way they look and smell during most of their day. Still, everyone wins, right? Except maybe the people who have to sit near me at work.

I had to do crossfit for lunch because I had stacked up way too many chores for last night. I feel like such a grown up. Such a boring grown up. Coach asked me if I was coming back again that night (I do this two-a-day thing fairly often when I have the time) and I had to say, “No, I have to run errands.” It sounded like such a lame reason when I said it out loud. I’d much rather exercise.

My errands turned out to be really frustrating too; I could have used some crossfit after all that. Mostly it was just one errand: bridesmaid’s dress shopping. I am not a fan of this process, largely because it’s very complicated, and I feel insanely uncomfortable in a store where all the employees have perfect makeup and impeccable fashion. Nobody else had dried sweat in their hair OR those bottom-of-the-drawer extra baggy pants that you only wear when you haven’t done laundry in a year. And I bet nobody else was going commando because they forgot bring an extra pair of underwear to the gym and didn’t fancy wearing the sweaty ones all day. But you never know about that. They might have been.

Here I am back to personal hygiene again. Probably I should just stop talking now. Besides, one of my co-workers is walking around in swimming flippers, and it’s very distracting.


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