it’s amazing that I ever manage to get anything done

I’m terrible at texting with a touch screen.  I was lightning fast when I had a keyboard, but now I find myself weighing the necessity of every text against the five minutes I know it will take me to type all 10 words of it. Of course, I always decide it’s necessary in the end, even though 50 percent of all my text messages are just texts to L talking about crossfit—conversations that we could probably save and talk about AT crossfit every night. But who has the patience to wait a whole eight hours to tell your buddy that you have a sore butt?

Here’s an example of the type of conversations we have on a daily basis.

L: “I decided I didn’t need a shower last night because I went swimming. I’m so sore from snatches yesterday.”

Me: “Good for you! Showering is overrated. I wish I was better at snatches. We should practice those this week.”

L: “I just want to be good at everything!! I’m going to Google ‘How to get better at crossfit.”

L: “Google said to make a list of the things you’re bad at and practice them every day. Here’s my list (insert list a mile long).”

Me: “Ohh me too. I’m making one now…”

L: “And pistol squats for me too.”

Me: “Here’s mine: (insert an even longer list).”

Me: “Oh, and bench press.”

Me: “And strict pull-ups.”

L: “And hand-release push-ups.”

Me: “Hmm, kind of seems like we listed all of crossfit. Oops, I just ate a doughnut. Maybe that should go on the list: not eating doughnuts.”

I suspect we might be obsessed. Somehow, talking about the same thing every day never gets old.


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