I must be feeling pensive to write two thinking posts in one month

“That was all so much fun. Isn’t life great?”

This was a text message that I got about 9:30 one Thursday in the middle of the summer. It sounds a bit like the recap of significant life event or something, but really, it had been a Thursday night when I did pretty much the same thing I do every Thursday night: hurry out of the office – get to crossfit a little late anyway; try my hardest and still not manage to come within spitting distance of Lizzy’s score; book it out of the gym to try and get to the college in time for a six o clock track workout.

That particular night it was a little overcast. A little wet. Our legs were a little wobbly from the pre-run WOD. I was more than a little tired when we showed up for the run. But I still liked to hit the track workouts that Lizzy’s coach and triathlon buddies ran on Thursday nights. Maybe it was getting being outside on a summer night or maybe it was the ridiculous (probably unhealthy) combination of an excruciating WOD followed by an even more excruciating run, but Thursday nights this summer made me feel ridiculously happy about life.

Maybe it was because I felt like I really deserved to sit down at the end of my night.

Maybe it was the fact that I had actually beaten my super-human workout buddy on ONE of the six 800s we had just run.

Maybe it was the absolute lack of guilt that I felt when we decided to go out for pizza afterward.

Have you ever read The Five People You Meet in Heaven? If not, the premise of the story is that when you die and go to heaven, you really just get to spend forever reliving the happiest part of your life. But some of the characters are surprised to realize what the happiest part of their life actually was: working as a waitress in a tiny coastal town or growing up in an absolutely average little house and roaming the streets of an absolutely average little suburb.

The idea, I think, is that we shouldn’t take happiness for granted. That we should try to recognize the goodness around us, even if it’s disguised as something ordinary. That the question, “Isn’t life great?” can apply just as easily to an insignificant Thursday night as it can to celebrations and milestones and events that we’ve spent months looking forward to.

The end of summer always makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I promise I’ll be back to keeping my weekly log of entertaining ways to embarrass yourself soon.

UPDATE: Also, I realize that all these posts lately make it seem like I only have one friend who is not roomie (giving me a grand total of TWO friends), so I feel like I should clarify that this is NOT true. But for some reason, everyone else doesn’t come up in my blog as often. Possibly because I’m too lazy to go through the work of introducing a new character when the old ones are so interesting.


2 thoughts on “I must be feeling pensive to write two thinking posts in one month

  1. Aw, this was a good post Anna 🙂 Can’t wait to get back to MD to crossfit with you guys, although I have to say I’m enjoying Maine a lot!!! But I’m feeling a little triathlon-ed out so I’ll be glad to get this race over with.

    • Yay, I’m glad someone enjoys the serious posts. I miss you! Can’t wait for you to get back :). Trivia was not as much fun without you last night.

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