too many things

I haven’t been writing; I’ve been too busy working on another life project every time I get on the computer. But I keep thinking of things to write about and now they’re all going to get jumbled together in one discombobulated post. Ready? Go!

1. Okay firstly, there was one of those thousand-legger bugs in my tub when I got up this morning, and those things freak me the hell out. They are so, so much worse than spiders. (Scariness increases in direct correlation to number of legs.) Although they are, unlike spiders, unable to climb out of tubs. Which is helpful, but still not really something you want to deal with 1.43 minutes after you’ve just woken up. And by deal with, I mean squash. Disgusting. But I was not going to do the whole capture-with-a-cup-and-paper thing before six AM. Plus I didn’t have any pants on, so I couldn’t go outside.

2. Dinner conversations that start out like this are the best: “You want to know about toilets? I can tell you about toilets.” I was at family dinner with one of my best friends from high school last weekend (I am lucky to have so many families), and she was complaining about a current roommate’s inability to flush the toilet properly. Her oldest brother, it transpires, is an expert on toilets and offered a full lecture on the inner workings of the toilet and how to solve your everyday issues—complete with a detailed (and most impressive) drawing. I’ve got to give him credit for hitting on the one topic that was somehow riveting to two twenty-something women AND his seven-year-old son. This doesn’t say much for my maturity level.

3. It’s the end of the fiscal year, and I’m starting to worry that everyone at my work might go a little crazy before this month is over. Today, I witnessed one of my co-workers having a full-on conversation with himself, including pacing and arm waving. He was behind a wall at the time, and I don’t think he realized I could see his reflection in the window. I should probably have offered some sort of moral support, but my brain was too fried to do anything but watch in morbid fascination.

4. My crossfit box is doing one of these official paleo eating challenges where you get points for eating well and lose points for cheating and win prizes at the end if your willpower is made of whatever kind of metal they used to build the Starship Enterprise (because I really don’t think iron would suffice in this case). But I wasn’t too interested in paying $50 to not eat certain things for two months. Then L had that idea that we should invent our own paleo challenge, which is far superior, if somewhat less effective, because we get to make up our own rules and not pay $50. Then a bunch of other people thought this sounded cool too and jumped on our rebellious bandwagon. But this topic has been eventful enough to really warrant its own blog post, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

5. I have to run 20 miles tomorrow. But I have bullied Josh into going with me this time, because I was not about to do another one of these more-than-15-milers all by myself. Also, I have purchased some SUPER caffeinated Gu—probably a poor life choice, as I have a minimal caffeine tolerance, but I liked the idea of it. Also also, Gu is allowed on my mostly paleo challenge, because I said so. Just so you know.  


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