running, the dentist, and some other general ramblings

Quotes from last night’s crossfit:

“After I finish my last tri this weekend, I’m going to take a week off. And by ‘a week off,’ I mean just crossfit for a week. It will be very restful.”

This quote was actually not from last night (I wasn’t even at the box last night), but I thought of it because I’m mulling over how much crossfit I can squeeze into my taper for the marathon before my “rest” becomes entirely counterproductive. Many of my endurance friends are arguing for none at all; I’m going with the slightly more moderate (and ambiguous) some. Which, at the moment, means as much as I want until about three days before the race, at which point I have to go cold turkey.

Josh told me some statistics from last year’s race today: this race has 4,000 spots for the full marathon, and last year, just over 2,000 people finished it. Strangely, I’m not nervous. Yet. I certainly did not do everything I COULD do to ensure a perfect race (ahem, one long run a week and substituting crossfit for most of the other running is not a recommended training plan), but I have done everything I’m GOING to do, which somehow works out to the same thing in my head.

Anyway. I couldn’t go to crossfit last night because I had to go to the dentist (don’t worry, I woded at lunchtime … and possibly at 6:30am). It’s kind of sad when you’re at the dentist and the thing you’re most concerned about is whether your stomach is going to growl loudly and embarrass you. It’s especially sad when you’re still worried about your potentially noisy stomach even after you learn that you have SEVERAL cavities. But I had to go straight there from work, and I was hungry. And I ran out of snacks. And I couldn’t steal any food from my coworkers this time because their food is not paleo (and if I’m going to cheat on this challenge, I’m going to cheat on something that’s WORTH IT).

But I felt much better when it turned out that my dentist also had a growly stomach. Maybe he skipped dinner too? 

So now I have to skip crossfit for two more nights this month, so I can go back to the dentist and get fillings. Maybe I should learn to ACTUALLY floss my teeth every day, instead of just doing it for one week before I go to the dentist and pretending that it will make a difference that way.


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