does eating too much pumpkin turn you orange, or is that just carrots?

Okay, I think I’m having a pumpkin obsession lately. It’s pretty embarrassing because I’m still writing down everything I eat for our almost paleo challenge, and everyone in the challenge can read all about my pumpkin obsession; I can’t just secretly hole up in my apartment where no one but Roomie will see me (and let’s face it, by this time, she has SO many other things she could judge me for) and devour endless amounts of pumpkin baked goods. Now, the rest of the world gets to read about it too.

It’s all Brandie’s fault. She started us all on the slippery pumpkin slide (Ew. That sounds like a really gross slide that I probably want to get off of pronto. But actually, it’s a delicious slide.) when she brought a loaf of the most AMAZING (almost) paleo chocolate chip pumpkin bread to crossfit a couple of weeks ago. So amazing. And I’m always starving at crossfit because I go pretty much exactly at what would be dinner time for a normal person. Brandie completed her healthy diet sabotage by posting the recipe on facebook so the rest of us could enjoy it too. Geesh. Who does thoughtful stuff that? It’s terrible.

I may not have gotten too inspired to make the bread for myself if I’d had to go to the store for any missing ingredients (aka the pumpkin itself), but I happened to already have a can that I had, uh, borrowed from my parents when I was pet sitting for them one night a few weeks ago. I figured they had said I could have any of the food in the house, and even though I’m pretty sure by “have” they meant “eat”—as is, while I was there—I took this as an open invitation to go cupboard shopping for anything interesting that I wanted to take with me. Like a can of pumpkin, because, well, why not? Okay, I really have NO idea why I took that particular item. But don’t worry Mom and Dad, it did not go to waste!

So  I made myself a loaf of the pumpkin bread (after consuming more than my fair share of the one Brandie brought to the gym) and then ate half of it in one go. And then ate the rest of it. Then Kate decided to use some of her unexpected furlough vacation make her own contribution to the pumpkin madness by baking a double batch of the same recipe in muffin form and bringing THOSE to the box. Notice how everyone else’s baked goods get shared around at crossfit, and somehow mine all get consumed immediately by one person? Yeah, I’m that good of a friend. Saving everyone else from poor life choices.

Poor life choices like the pumpkin walnut muffins that Zach brought to the wod last night. Yeah, about those …

This past weekend, I noticed that I still had over half of my can of pumpkin left in the fridge, and I couldn’t possibly WASTE it. What kind of human being would do that?? So I made some pumpkin spice scones. Which are pretty good on their own. But which are totally irresistible with coconut cream frosting on top. I’m trying to limit myself to one a day. I’ll let you know how that goes.

At least all of the debauchery is still allowed within the rules of our healthy eating challenge. Nothing like taking advantage of the system, right?


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