but I just got over being sick LAST week

Oops, I lied about the whole productivity thing.

I had a conversation with our office manager this morning in which she mentioned how annoying she finds it when people show up at the office even though they are sick. I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Oh dear.

I spent the rest of the day trying to pretend there’s nothing wrong with me while I desperately consumed zinc lozenges, emergen-C, and mugs and mugs of tea. And while I got up to pee every 15 minutes. Of course. 

I’m trying everything I can possibly manage to cure myself in the next two days before this weekend’s crossfit competition. But, as I’ve never been sick for less than an entire week, I’m not entirely hopeful. Maybe that’s my problem: negative thinking.

I will be FINE on Saturday! Because I have decided to be. You know, just like all the days I decided I would be able to do a muscle up. Since that worked out so well for me. But I guess some positive thinking couldn’t make it any worse. And at least I’m not alone in my misery. Coach is sick too! Probably much sicker than I am. (It’s hard to tell exactly, since I’ve never heard him complain about anything, and I complain loudly and frequently about such things as being hungry, being tired, being hungry, being sore, or being hungry.) 

But it’s really not that much of a consolation since, even on his bad days, Coach is exceptional, and, on my very best days, I’m only pretty good. Thus, the overuse of cold remedies. I WILL be better. Because I said so. If not, Saturday will be … interesting. I’m bringing my sleeping bag either way. It’s supposed to be chilly. I have no shame.




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