writing is harder than reading is harder than napping … and some wine

Wow, reading is so much easier than writing. Have you ever noticed that? Even the sort of brain-dump writing that I do on here. I got onto the computer to write a blog post, and instead I got sidetracked reading everyone else’s blog posts. So much less effort required for that process. But really, I started reading to give me some ideas of what to write about. It didn’t really work. Nothing exciting to report now that Thanksgiving is over.

So I’ll just write about stuff that happened before I got sucked into a turkey and wine educed stupor. I can mess with the timeline like that because this is my blog, and I rule the world. Of my blog, that is. It’s a very tiny world, but you’re in it, so hey, I rule you. Bring me pie. Or something.

Subject change! (Careful, they sneak up on you.) I have a habit of falling asleep in really strange places. I was never one of the kids that slept in class, but if I’m tired and not much is going on, I just pass out for a few minutes because why not? Well, I have now officially discovered that Thanksgiving parties are particularly lousy places to fall asleep. Because all of your friends immediately feel the need to procure photographic evidence of you napping. As if they had never seen anyone sleeping at a party before. Wtf?

I was asleep for 20 minutes AT THE VERY MOST, but somehow, about a dozen pictures showed up on facebook later. But it really wasn’t even my fault. Colleen was the one who started it all. She wanted to go wine tasting before the party. And since I can’t bear the thought of my friends doing fun things without me, I wanted to go too. Now, for a normal person, wine tasting is a somewhat different experience from wine drinking. But when you have almost entirely given up drinking anything at all (except water), wine tasting actually involves consuming a shockingly large amount of alcohol in a fairly short time. Leading to . . .

“Did Anna have more wine that the rest of you guys or something?”


“I don’t think so. Anna, how much did you drink?”

“Umm, one round plus four!”

What I meant was, of course, that I had tried every wine once and then sneakily gone back for four of my favorites over again. Of course it came out sounding like some sort of wine-tasting WOD score. Of course it did.

So how could I be blamed for napping at the party?

 How were the rest of my wine-tasting buddies NOT falling asleep? I mean, I didn’t even win the wine tasting WOD. I’m pretty sure Colleen had at least one round plus 12. She’s an expert.  


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