an unfortunate combination of inattention and brightly colored clothing

So there’s this picture of Coach flipping a tire at the fundraiser WOD we hosted before he went to the games. I noticed that it seems to have shown up in a lot of places since then. And for good reason. It’s a phenomenal picture. The quality and the setting and the subject are all stunning.

But once you finally get over staring at Coach’s abs (and this is easier said than done), you may notice that someone has wandered into the background of this photo, as people so often tend to do. Although there were dozens and dozens of people at the fundraiser that day, only one singular person managed to find their way into this particular picture. Now that you’re looking, it’s hard to believe you didn’t notice this person right away because she is wearing a somewhat shocking combination of neon orange shirt and neon pink shorts. Some people struggle to dress themselves for even the most ordinary occasions.

The blunders of this unfortunate neon individual sadly do not end with simply wandering into the backdrop of what is about to become a fairly popular photo. No, the person who accidentally strolled into the photo with Coach (and, bear in mind, just being in a photo with Coach makes almost anyone else look less than fantastic by comparison) also happens to be scratching her bum.

Utter horror.

Friends, you have correctly deduced that the oblivious, brightly colored, bum scratching individual in the picture is me. I can’t even act surprised when things like this happen to me anymore.

This picture was published in a surprising number of places over the summer, until finally its relative fame seemed to diminish. But last night, I noticed that the professional photographer who took the picture has used it yet AGAIN as the cover photo for his business. The thing simply refuses to die and be forgotten.

I would have simply died from embarrassment a long time ago if I was the type of person who suffered from such afflictions. Thankfully, the sheer number of embarrassing things I do on a daily basis has successfully desensitized me, and now I only feel mildly unsettled every time I see this photo again. And again.

And again.

P.S. I know you’re all probably dying to see the picture now, but as I don’t have the rights to it, I can’t post it here. Such a shame.


3 thoughts on “an unfortunate combination of inattention and brightly colored clothing

  1. You do not need to repost…we can just click on the professional photographer link & see you!
    I will give you the benefit of the doubt & say that you were adjusting your shorts rather than scratching! For WOD type of events, I think color is in!! Do not wear in the real world however!
    luv ya,

    • That’s why I put the link there 😉 … lol though hopefully he will get tired of having that as his cover photo and change it before too long!

      • I don’t know…his subject looks pretty good…not sure he will change rapidly!

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