lists of disconnected stuff seem to be my thing lately

I promise I will write a better list soon. 

So, there is a note written on the back of my hand that says (I think, it’s a little faded) “IRS paperwork.” This doesn’t sound promising. Also, I have no idea what paperwork it is referring to, and the note looks about two days old. But now that I look a bit more closely, maybe it says “IRA paperwork.” Still don’t know what that’s about, but it’s much less scary.

I’m in the mood for a list today, and an obvious topic would be, things that happened since the last blog post I wrote a really long time ago.

1. CHRISTMAS. Christmas happened, and I had a stomach bug. Who has the worst timing ever? This girl. Well, actually, my sister was sick on Thanksgiving, so I really can’t claim to have the WORST timing. Maybe it’s genetic? Anyhoo it wasn’t that bad of a stomach bug, but I felt sick and had a horrible stomach ache whenever I ate anything. However, when I was hungry, I felt fantastic! Except that I was hungry. Which, if you know me, you know is not okay.

2. LEARNING HOW KILOGRAMS WORK. For Christmas, L got me a USAW membership. I did not get her anything. I am a horrible friend. BUT as she was quick to point out, the main reason she got me the membership was so I could be peer pressured into doing oly lifting competitions with her. This is something new we’re dabbling in, and L’s friend Mario offered to coach us and help us figure everything out. Mostly, helping us figure things out entails doing a lot of conversions in his head between pounds (crossfit speak) and kilos (lifting speak). I realized after the first (tiny) lifting meet we attended that I had, very intelligently, failed to find out how much I actually lifted that day. I just told Mario my previous max for each lift, in pounds, and let him throw weights onto a bar for me. I think my total was 120 for both lifts? Or something. I’m very scientific about this.

3. TURNING INTO THE SAME PERSON AS L. Well, this is an ongoing process, but when we had to weigh in for our lifting meet, we discovered that L and I weigh EXACTLY the same thing. Down to the quarter kilo. It was freaky. Although, she drank a bigger coffee than I did beforehand, so I’m going to claim that I actually weigh more than she does. Either way, we were both astonished to discover that we weighed less than previously imagined and pledged to eat more from now on. Which hasn’t really been that tough since this all took place four days before Christmas.

4. NOT GETTING FIRED FROM MY JOB. Year-end performance evaluations stress me the hell out. But it turns out, I’m still okay at my job. Phew. Glad that’s over with. I should have a party. Oh wait, my friends are already having a big old party on New Year’s Eve, and I’m opting not to go because I don’t like parties that start after my bedtime. What is WRONG with me??

5. READING WHEN I SHOULD BE WRITING. Sooo I kinda figured I would catch up on my blog posts and other writing things while I had a few days off around Christmas, but then I started reading Divergent. And I finished reading it too. And then I had to go out and buy the second book in the trilogy. Guys, I paid good money for something I could have gotten totally free at the library. But I just couldn’t wait for all the other people who had a hold on the book to finish with it. I just couldn’t. So obviously, if I wanted it badly enough to go out and BUY it, little things like blog posting and, uh, bathroom cleaning are not going to be a priority until I’m done with all three books. Oh yeah, I may have bought the third one too. Well, actually, I talked my mom into buying it for me, so that’s totally fine.

I promise, more than six things have happened to me in the last month. But I’ve suddenly realized that I am out of time for this post, and I have a feeling that if I bother to save it to work on later, it’s just going to become one of those posts that never  goes up at all. And I feel like a slacker for only writing three times this month. So I have to publish this one. Happy Friday everyone!


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