a sudden lack of time management skills

Guys, I’m having the it-snowed-and-now-I-can’t-start-my-car-or-see-out-of-my-windshield-when-I-do-manage-to-start-my-car problem again. I had plenty of time to get either or both problems fixed since the last time this happened, and I just haven’t.

But you’ve already heard enough about my car problems. So my question today is this: how did I ever manage my life back when I actually had a lot of stuff to do? I mean, there was a point when I went to school full time, worked about 20hrs a week, and spent at least as much time riding as I do crossfitting now. And I STILL had to do all those darn little things like shopping for food, cleaning the bathroom, and KEEPING UP MY CAR. What gives? I should be wallowing in hours of free time, but instead I still seem unable to actually remove the cups and plates that have accumulated on various surfaces in my bedroom or put away the basket of clean laundry sitting in front of my closet (I feel the need to point out that the laundry IS folded though–one point for me). God forbid that I should actually go through the trouble of making an appointment to take my car to the mechanic.

Yesterday, I had a whole bunch of extra hours in the afternoon because crossfit got snowed out, and what did I do? I made Roomie take me to her gym instead (where I then proceeded to make her do back squats—poor girl cannot escape from my crossfit obsession no matter how hard she tries) and baked cookies. Because it was snowing, and life requires you to have something sweet and delicious in the oven when it snows. And I might have make a s’more or two in the fireplace. Okay, I guess I’m starting to understand where all my hours of free time seem to be going.

On the bright side, I realized this morning that I HAVE developed the weird habit of multitasking while sitting on the toilet. Overshare. Sorry, but I assume that nobody except Roomie, L, Kate, and my sister actually read this thing anyway.

I think it stemmed from the fact that I am always in an absolute mad dash to either change from gym clothes to work clothes or work clothes to gym clothes. I spend a lot of time changing clothes in random bathrooms. And I frequently find myself tugging on a sports bra while trying to pee. This morning, it was un-strapping my lifting shoes. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until I got halfway through the process and, by then, it was really much too late to pretend I don’t engage in that kind of behavior.

Such is life. I guess you hurry when you have to. Maybe my time-management-mastery will come back to me one day when I really need it. 


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