we clearly need help brainstorming

For a variety of reasons, some of which are best kept to ourselves, L and I have recently decided that we must find at least one or two new hobbies that are not crossfit. This turned out to be more difficult than we originally assumed. Thus, an intense discussion of various possibilities was begun.

When L emailed me and Kate earlier this week to plan a weekend fun day, her list of suggested activities consisted of:

Eat ice cream at scoop a dee doo
Play on a playground
Sing Disney songs
Eat food
Eat treats
Anything else fun that you can think of!!!!!!!!

Yes, this is cut and pasted word-for-word from the original email. And what’s more, these all seemed like normal, reasonable suggestions to me. In fact, they are all activities that we’ve done before (except the hiking, which we MEANT to do one day, until we got distracted playing on a playground for most of the afternoon). You may notice that there is a slight trend toward food-related activities on the list. I told L that we already had a hobby outside of crossfit, and that it is food. Although I’m not entirely sure that food can count as a new hobby, since we’ve always been pretty enthusiastic about it in one form or another.

Other possibilities that have been suggested by either ourselves or outside parties include listening to Christian radio, arts and crafts, reading, clogging outside, going to the doctor, milkshakes, shopping for washing machines and/or new cars, wearing cool shoes, and taking vitamins.

I think our new hobby might need to be coming up with cooler hobbies. 


2 thoughts on “we clearly need help brainstorming

  1. Food is always a hobby, and an adventure. When I feel like I need to try something new, I just make mac’n’cheese, then put something into it: pork, a vegetable, whatever. It’s like a vacation.

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