very busy doing nothing

I went for a walk without feeling like I was going to die today. It was a big win, since I spent most of the last two days laying about like a slug while hacking up a lung and bits of greenish yellow gunk. That last bit was medically significant information that you all needed to know. In order to distract myself from the depressing fact that I have literally been sick for more than half the time since Christmas, (I know I’m prone to hyperbole, but in this case, that tendency is trumped by my refusal to misuse the word literally) I’m compiling a list of valuable things I have learned or discovered:

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch is very hot and I have a big crush on him.
  2. I also have a crush on Martin Freeman; he is such a cutie.
  3. I will never get sick on watching reruns of Sherlock; I am obsessed.
  4. You can actually communicate a surprising amount with pointing and vigorous nodding. Though this is only socially acceptable when you’ve lost your voice.
  5. Laying outside on the deck is warmer than sitting in a chair like a grown up.
  6. Afrin is addictive because it works. Like magic.
  7. Cereal can be shockingly versatile when you can’t manage to prepare real food. There’s the breakfast cereal, the dinner cereal, the snack cereal … it’s amazing.
  8. HGTV is THE BOMB. Though I pretty much already knew that.
  9. I should not visit the doctor when I’m sick because I never get anything out of it, but I still have to pay. It should be more like it is with lawyers; I pay them if they fix me.
  10. I can still count to ten. 

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