sometimes you just need a theme song or nothing will make sense

There is a half-finished blog post on my laptop that I started writing almost TWO weeks ago and never finished. I can’t get motivated to wrap it up now, because it’s just so last month. But the fact that I feel like I should finish that one has prevented me from writing about anything else. In order to overcome this ridiculous paralysis of blog posting, I have to just dump my brain out and start over.

Brain dumping. Isn’t that an actual technique that my creative writing teacher had us practice in high school? Or something.

In the past couple of weeks, Roomie and Kate have both turned twenty-four. My goodness, we are so old. Not really, of course, but for the first time in my life I had a moment where I actually thought I was old, for like, a second. Back to normal now. Besides, I am NOT twenty-four yet, so I should be feeling extra young and spry compared to those old ladies. Also, I love hotdogs. (I am dumping my brain out, remember? It doesn’t have to make sense.) There is a connection between birthdays and hotdogs, but I don’t remember what it is. I have had several chances to reaffirm my love of hotdogs during the past two weeks, and I can verify for you that they are just as magically delicious as ever. Although I MUST try a hotdog with crabby mac on top of it, because I missed my opportunity to try one the other day; I was too full from eating nachos.

In other news I have purchased a singlet to wear in my oly lifting competition this weekend, but I think I will be too distracted by how bizarre and silly I look in it to actually lift any real weight. Perhaps it’s for the best. I couldn’t snatch what used to be an easy weight for me in my lifting lesson the other morning, and I was wearing sweatpants and a tank top. When I still can’t lift that weight at the meet, I will blame it on my ugly costume. I am full of excuses. It is a talent of mine. I don’t entirely hate the outfit though; there was a great moment the first time I tried it on when Lizzy yelled “show us your snatch!” in front of several non crossfitters. Their reactions were lovely.

Speaking of food (hotdogs, remember), I have confirmed that I am 100% addicted to caffeine, specifically, Starbucks’ chai tea latte. There was a story to follow that statement, but after starting to type it out, I have realized that it wasn’t actually funny. Not that I really expect anyone to still be reading the post at this point. Sorry to dump my brain all over you all. I think I can be done now.

I like turtles.


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