that’s right, I forgot I am actually solar powered

Have you ever wondered how they manufacture vitamin D? I mean, we’re supposed to get it from sunshine, but how to you make that into a supplement? I just had a mental image of a bunch of guys in swat suits running around catching sunrays in nets on sunny days. I’m sure that’s 100 percent accurate. Mystery solved.   

I think I’m vitamin D deficient. Or I was prior to Saturday, at any rate. Then I started taking vitamin D supplements which contain 500 percent of a daily dose. If I’m still deficient now, I obviously have some sort of vitamin-black-hole problem going on, which really does sound serious. So let’s hope it’s not that. At any rate, I was feeling pretty sick over the weekend and couldn’t get motivated to do anything productive, or even to wrench myself out of bed for a large portion of the weekend. Of course, by Sunday evening, my lack-of-productivity guilt complex had kicked pretty badly, at which point I leapt out of bed and started going through all the clothes in my closet to try and figure out what still fits over my crossfit-enhanced butt and what only looked good before I actually bought it.

So the one productive thing I chose to do with myself basically involved me standing in my freezing cold bedroom (our central heat only seems to head certain parts of the apartment) repeatedly stripping off various articles of clothing and trying new ones on. Until I just gave up and left my pants off entirely.

I know, there may have been a FEW better uses of my time than a major closet overhaul. But, in my defense, I DO need to get rid of stuff because Roomie and I are moving next month (just down the road, sort of), and I won’t have as much space when we do. It would be complicated and boring for me to explain how we came to this decision. So just know that we’re moving. And when we do, it will be like a party. Mostly because I plan on having a lot of crossfitters help us move, and lifting heavy things with crossfit friends followed by eating food together describes most of the parties I attend. Yup, you’re welcome friends.

Is twitchy leg a symptom of vitamin D overdose? Because my one leg has been twitching like mad all day, and it’s freaking me out. Probably it’s just a symptom of too many back squats last night. HOW DO I MAKE IT GO AWAY?  


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